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Skatecamp for adults 2022

Do you know someone, who should attend the skatecamp?

Skatecamp for adults

Who can participate?
Adults from 18 years old. You can sign up on either skateboard or rollerblades. The only requirement is that you can skate from spot to spot.

Week 15: thursday 14. – friday 15. april.
Every day from 12.00 till 17.00.

We are starting from Emblasgade 175, 2100 København Ø, and afterwards go to planned activities.

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Registration for Adult – Skatecamp 2022


Depending on the level of the participants and the weather, locations may change and new ones may be added to the program. However, the focus points for the days (such as street and park skating) will remain the same.

Activities upon rainy weather

The weather in Denmark can be changeable, so we always have some activities on hand in case it should start to rain.


When participating in teaching or any other connection related to it (such as transport or a workshop), the student bears full responsibility and must therefore use his or her own accident and liability insurance, which in the event of an accident can cover the episode. By accepting this disclaimer, the guardian / parents or the student disclaims any liability for compensation and therefore no liability can be imposed on the company, instructors, skate parks, the manufacturer of equipment or the organizer of a given event. By submitting registration for an activity under L.O.W Skate Academy ApS, you accept the above disclaimer.